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Trxade Group (NASDAQ: MEDS) is a health services IT company focused on digitalizing the retail pharmacy experience by optimizing drug procurement, the prescription journey and patient engagement in the U.S. The Company operates the TRxADE drug procurement marketplace serving a total of 11,800+ members nationwide, fostering price transparency and under the Bonum Health brand, offering patient centric telehealth services. For more information on Trxade Group, please visit the Company’s IR website at investors.trxadegroup.com.



We have successfully created an environment that promotes and enhances the relationship between pharmaceutical buyers and sellers, and connect patients and practioners at a lower cost and at their convenience.



We offer pharmaceutical buyers and sellers a unique opportunity to access superior product choices, availability, at true market pricing transparency, as well as affordable and accessible healthcare.



Our proprietary data analytics offer all echelons of the pharmaceutical supply chain advanced and actionable market intelligence. We are able to keep our finger on the pulse and react in real time to market trends and needs.

Corporate Strategy

Through innovation and technology we are laser focused on solving real world problems in healthcare. For over ten years we have been able to be disruptive and achieve the impossible of providing price transparency in the pharmaceutical marketplace and provide significant savings to our customers, some as high as one million per year through our free marketplace. We now embark on a mission of making healthcare accessible and affordable to millions of patients via services that were previously not available to them.


TRxADE’s vision is to open channels of distribution and to avoid unnecessary purchases of higher priced pharmaceuticals by both pharmacies and patients nationwide. We maintain a superior level of service for our members and make it a daily mission to help, to be better, to be innovative, to make a difference. Our passion, transparency, value offer, and dedication is demonstrated daily by all employees throughout the organization. We love what we do, we love our customers, and we are on a mission to make a difference.

Global Business

Our company was designed to perform integrally within international pharmaceutical distribution and healthcare channels. Products distributed can be dispensed internationally without production modification or deviation in normal distribution and our technology services are built and implemented with the purpose of scaling internationally. We have designed our systems to meet rigid pharmaceutical licensing and pedigree regulations, be 100% HIPAA compliant, and easily integrade with other software systems.


TRxADE Group Inc (NASDAQ: MEDS) is a technology oriented company providing efficient integrated pharmaceutical and medical services to pharmacies and consumers. It combines a web-based purchasing platform for supply chain transactions between independent pharmacies, operates a specialty pharmacy, a pharmaceutical warehouse, and a prescription delivery services for consumers throughout the US utilizing its proprietary DelivMeds application and multi telemedicine portal Bonum Health.

We are a family of like-minded business entities with a common goal to bring value to the current pharmaceutical industry through the creation of enhanced fair market, price transparency, and trust among thousands of pharmaceutical channel partners.

Our Culture

The behaviors of all TRxADE employees are defined by our Winning Ways.





Don’t Take Our Word For It…

What Others Say About TRxADE Group Inc (NASDAQ: MEDS)

Larry K. R.Ph.

“Once we got the hang of it, using TRxADE has been very easy. Before we order from our primary or secondary supplier, we always check their prices against what’s available on TRxADE. When the price on TRxADE is lower by at least 10%, we purchase there and stock up on that item. TRxADE has saved us a lot of money.”

Larry K. R.Ph.Pharmacist/Owner, Maple Shade, NJ
Jud S. R.Ph.

“The data available from using their analytical tools really allows me to see around corners and prepare myself in a tough marketplace. When a competing representative calls our staff we just let them know that we purchase through TRxADE. We know we’re getting the lowest cost on all of our purchases. Our commitment to TRxADE has saved us time and money.”

Jud S. R.Ph.Pharmacist/Owner, Nashville, TN
Joe A. R.Ph.

“I don’t have time to talk to ten different secondary wholesalers throughout the day! TRxADE makes it easy to shop prices at my convenience and creates a competitive atmosphere among secondary wholesalers which drives prices lower. I know I’m getting the best price the market has to offer!”

Joe A. R.Ph.Pharmacist/Owner, Wellsville, OH
Joanne R.

“I can expand my business through many of the analytic tools available to me at no cost or obligation. What a breath of fresh air; a partner that does not dominate my every pharmacy function. Their system has really assisted me in target marketing and increasing revenue by having a real-time system that communicates to me and knows my margins before I purchase.”

Joanne R.Lead Technician, Atlanta, GA

Our Vision

TRxADE Group is quickly becoming the epicenter of reducing pharmaceutical and healthcare costs nationwide. We are committed to expanding our portfolio of products and services and to drive growth and value for all our investors, members, and employees.

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