Trxade Group featured on NASDAQ tower on 10/29/2015.


TRxADE Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEDS), is a company proving to be one of the most sophisticated marketplaces in the industry today. TRxADE is a web based market platform that enables fair market value and price transparency among healthcare buyers and sellers of pharmaceuticals, accessories, and services. Our Platform has heavy integration with UPS, Automated Clearing House providers, EDI capability with supply chain partners, digitized transactional pedigree automation. We have the potential to reach out to the nation’s 24,000 independent pharmacies with combined pharmaceutical purchases of $93 billion per year. Supplier participation with allows for a vibrant marketplace. Headquartered in Tampa, FL and founded in 2010, TRxADE Group provides a web-based trading platform for Independent and Community Pharmacies.

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